Introduction Top 50 Enterprise Awards Malaysia



PUMM Top 50 Enterprise Award – The Top 50 Enterprise Awards Malaysia, also fondly knowns as the T.E.A.M. Award, is to accredit and acknowledge the achievements attained by Malaysian companies with the intention to inspire these Malaysia companies and others to make a determined sprint towards greater success.

Regarded by many in the industry to be one of the most prestigious business awards, it honors only the cream of the crop of all successful businesses. Winners are undisputedly jewels of the crown in their respective industries, recognized for their business excellence as well as corporate social responsibilities. They are also looked up upon as role models for many up and rising companies.


Standing at 1.5 feet tall in solid pewter and strong wood, The Top 50 Enterprise Award Trophy is the first of its kind masterpiece which incorporates the innovation of using only pewter to hold the wood pieces together without any involvement of nails, glue or rivets. Taking the form of an inspiring entrepreneur spreading its arm in the air, the trophy symbolizes the welcoming of the long awaited victory from many budding enterprises. The globe, in turn, signifies sight-beyond-sight vision, internationally acclaimed reputation, and world class quality.