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The Young Entrepreneurs Association of Malaysia or in our national language, Persatuan Usahawan Maju Malaysia, in short PUMM, which is a widely known acronym, is a voluntary multi-racial, non-profit organization, officially registered on 10th July 1993 under the Societies Act, 1966. The primary objective of PUMM is to assist and promote young inspiring entrepreneurs with the intention for them to realize their dreams in a global competitive environment and in return for them to contribute to the wealth and prosperity of the country. The establishment of PUMM was the collaborative and concerted effort of a group of young inspirational prominent entrepreneurs together with the collective support from the Honorary Advisor cum “The Honorary President”, Tan Seri Lee Kim Yew. In attaining the key objectives of PUMM, various beneficial entrepreuniarial programs t o include the Entreprenuership Development Programs, related seminars, forums, dialogues, international business trips and educational visits are being continuously explored for the benefits, not only to members of PUMM but the public as a whole. Through these programs PUMM encourages young Malaysian entrepreneurs to instill and inculcate a strong charismatic spirit in handling the many challenges of globalization and ultimately, to emerge as world-class quality entrepreneurs. As the fulcrum in the development of Malaysia’s young entrepreneurs, PUMM is also a platform to equip them with a sense of belonging in the high powered society and to reassure them of the excellence by recognizing their triumph and achievements through this prestigious award. Continuing the legacy, the effort of the many outstanding entrepreneurs together with the invaluable support of our Chief Minister of Penang, Mr. Lim Guan Eng, has given PUMM the competitive edge that the association is what it is today!


  • To encourage joint ventures among young entrepreneurs of all races and to identify opportunities and “match” them to new and existing entrepreneurs or executives.
  • To assist members who aspire to start their business or who are already involved in business to have access to financial and non-financial resources.
  • To facilitate the establishment of strategic alliances and networks among entrepreneurs and executives of various races.
  • To mould an entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship culture that is positive, highly-moral and ethical.
  • To conduct business dialogue sessions, as well as trips to further improve overall understanding between businesses and working relationships.